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Welcome to Carivida, a special company focused on creating projects in Trujillo Bay, Honduras. The founders of Carivida discovered Trujillo Bay in 2010 and in 2012, decided to take a leap of faith in an area seemingly lost in time; all of the right ingredients for prosperous businesses seemed to be in place. Shortly after, a cruise ship terminal appeared, developments brining economic stimulus appeared, and now, Trujillo Bay stands out as the jewel of the North Coast of Honduras. 

Our objectives in development planning has been driven by the philosophy of combining local culture, nature, and a laid back Caribbean lifestyle. Whether our customers are from Honduras or North America, they all share a common desire, to be part of something extraordinary, and we believe we’ve found it. 

Together, with a government and local population that is eager to create a sustainable social ecology tourism industry, Honduras, and in particular, Trujillo Bay, is changing. 

We invite you to be a part of this extraordinary time in Trujillo Bay’s history, which isn’t said to discount incredible history that this area has already experienced; from Black Beard laying siege to the sprawling Spanish fortress of Santa Barbara, to the Banana Trade days. Rather, the story continues, and this next chapter in it’s history is worth discovering. 


Our current projects are Carivida Club Cafe and Carivida Ranch.

Carivida Club Cafe is a multi purpose building on the main beach in the historic colonial town of Trujillo. This facility includes a restaurant, real estate office, tours office, conference centre, and a private second level for members and special events.

Carivida Ranch is an equestrian centre located near the quite and beautiful town of Guadalupe in Trujillo Bay. Immerse in the raw beauty of the rainforest covered mountains meeting the Caribbean sea, and the culture of the surrounding Garifunas and Mayan decedents. This non-profit project includes horseback tours throughout Carivida’s beautiful property, along miles of beach, through rain forest, and even to the waterfalls of a nearby river. 

The Bay of Trujillo is full of natural beauty, culture, history, and warm hearted citizens. Carivida looks forward to growing in harmony with the Bay’s inhabitants and creating beautiful projects which create a positive experience for locals and visitors alike. 

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